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The metal artist

The passion for metal art came from a welding machine in a small shed in a remote Asian village. Where a fisherman created little dolls and boats from nothing more than metal waste. Inspired by the creative re-use of various metals, Janika has mastered welding in a unique way. He lets the viewer discover the connection of various metal pieces forming into one large object. 

With the Big Five of Africa as a masterpiece that symbolizes his adventurous life path, Janika changes the meaning and nature of metal: It’s subject to change and timelessness. And his adventure doesn’t end here. 

This is the story of 50,000 bolts and the metal artist Janika Szilvasi.

Behind the scenes - part 1
Behind the scenes - part 2
Behind the scenes - part 3
Behind the scenes - part 4

In addition to bolts, additional material is needed to enrich his artworks. Forks, sprockets, a bicycle chain; his stock of scrap metal brings inspiration and finding the right parts is part of the adventure. 

The uniqueness of his work is the overcoming of boundaries. Starting from scratch, not knowing where the piece will end, is an artistic adventure. The enrichment of creative freedom and the timelessness of metal, makes Janika’s art accessible, inspiring and refined.

Do you have an idea? I can create it. 

For questions and inquiries, contact Janika Szilvasi.

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