Metal Art

"What can you make with 50.000 bolts?"

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Janika Szilvasi

My work for the past years has revealed the profound creative impact of metal welding. I let the viewer discover the connection of various metals forming one large object. I find myself changing the original meaning of re-used metal pieces, such as bolts, and making them part of something bigger. For example, my project The Big Five of Africa embodies the relation between metal and nature: strength.

"​My projects are not just about welding pieces together,

it's about welding connection"

behind the scenes

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"Szilvasi blijkt een alleskunner én een echte autodidact."

"Geen stukje metaal is sinds die eerste aanzet meer veilig voor de kunstenaar..."

"Ik val van de ene verbazing naar de andere." - Nol Kroos

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