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Metal Art

"What can you make with 50.000 bolts?"

"Discover the new meaning of metal."

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© Roy Lazet

Janika Szilvasi

Janika is an adventurer. An experienced and worldly man who has been almost everywhere. Not easily shocked or unmoved, he has often changed course in his life: From a life on the street to a pizza baker, from a professional soldier to an artist. Not afraid to start over, Janika masters the unknown and creates something out of nothing.

"​My projects are not just about welding pieces together,

it's about welding connection"

behind the scenes

Janika brings metal to life. What paint is to a painter, the bolts are to Janika. All of his pieces are made of M6 bolts, hand-welded bolt by bolt. Janika brings details and refinement to his work and records movement and emotion. Converting his imagination to a realistic spatial image is Janika's sixth sense.


"Szilvasi blijkt een alleskunner én een echte autodidact."


"Geen stukje metaal is sinds die eerste aanzet meer veilig voor de kunstenaar..."

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"Ik val van de ene verbazing naar de andere." - Nol Roos

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